Yvette Cade endorses Glenn Ivey for US Congress

“I want others to feel as special as I do,” Yvette Cade says.   

It’s strange to hear Yvette Cade say she feels “special,” considering what she’s been through.It was October 10, 2005.

“The next thing i know the police were there. I was in the back of the ambulance and I saw them pulling the white sheet over me,” says Yvette.

Surveillance video captured Yvette’s estranged husband, Roger Hargrave, entering her place of work, dousing her with gasoline, and then off camera, setting her on fire.

She survived. Spent 92 days in the hospital and underwent dozens of surgeries. Even then, her fight was far from over. But she wouldn’t be a lone, she says. Glenn Ivey, then Prince George’s County State’s Attorney, who is now running for Maryland’s 4th Congressional District, personally tried Hargrave and got a conviction on attempted murder. Hargrave is now serving a life sentence.

“He saved my life by putting my ex-husband behind bars. If he didn’t put him behind bars he probably would come back again,” says Yvette.

Yvette says she survived for a reason. To help other victims of domestic violence. In Prince George’s County, it was a problem Ivey also wanted to tackle.

“There was a reluctance to talk directly about domestic violence,” says Ivey. “It’s just too raw.”

Yvette -the sweet and soft-spoken voice. Ivey-the vehicle. They’ve been a team for ten years now. Together they have spearheaded domestic violence prevention programs in the churches and schools.

“In a lot of ways she’s been an enormous figure in my life,” says Ivey. “We’ve formed a partnership there, that allowed us to do more in the community than just handle one case and move on to the next thing.”

So when Ivey asked for her endorsement, Yvette says, “it was a no brainer for me.”

Ivey says, if elected to Congress, he will expand legislation and increase funding to help protect women like Yvette.

“I know we are not here for ourselves. We are here for each other. For other people,” says Yvette.


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