Strong winds bring down trees in MoCo

The D.C. area saw fierce winds late Saturday night into Sunday morning. For some people, it was an overnight alarm clock.  But a group of people in Bethesda had a much more rude awakening when high winds caused trees to fall on their home.”We were asleep and we heard the crash and it just started raining sheet rock and debris,” said Beth Sinclair, who owns the home the tree fell on.

 Underneath the rubble was Sinclair’s husband, knocked unconscious from the debris after a 100-foot tall tulip poplar tree that fell through their roof and onto their bed.

“The whole thing happened in about a second and a half we didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about this,” Sinclair said.

But she knew she needed to get her husband mark out of there – fast. She was able to wake him up and help him outside to see the damage.

“It was crazy. It was completely bananas,” Sinclair said.

Her husband had a concussion and some scratches on his face – he was taken to the hospital and released Monday afternoon. But he came home to a giant hole in their roof and crews removing the massive tree.

And although they can’t stay in their home for at least six months — they’re still counting their blessings.

“We were just lucky we weren’t killed or paralyzed. That’s the big picture here and we will go from there,” Sinclair said.

 About five minutes away from Sinclair’s home, it was a similar scene Broxburn Court.

There, the 100-foot tall red oak tree Dwight Mason was used to seeing for the last 30 years was uprooted from its normal spot and on top of his new car and his neighbor’s home.

“There was an extraordinary gust of wind and then sound of breaking glass,” Mason said. “We both got up to see and I looked out the window and saw a small branch my wife said, ‘there’s no tree.'”

But one thing they do have – is perspective. Because Mason, his wife, their house guest Neva and their neighbors are all safe.

“At least well what can you do. It’s not us. It’s just a car.”

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