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r4uwac9du7nbeh6w3sgz.jpg♦♦♦ It’s the perfect case of “You had one job!” In a massive Walmart fail, some t-shirts are being sold to University of Maryland fans.
The shirts say “Terps” across the front—-the only problem? The state represented on the shirt is not Maryland, it’s Massachusetts.
The company says it’s removing the shirts from its stores and working with the maker to try and figure out how this happened. SMH.


♦♦♦ A group of kids on an Easter Egg hunt in Britain found much more than just chocolate and candy eggs…they found some criminals!
British police were searching for several thieves by helicopter – when they spotted a group of children on the ground. The kids formed a giant human arrow with their bodies to point police in the right direction.
And – it worked! Police caught up with those suspects.

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♦♦♦ An abandoned – and adorable – bear cub was rescued in the mountains in Poland. The 2-month-old bear was close to death, exhausted and cold. Some foresters found the animal and immediately took her to a vet. The bear cub is already doing better.
Although it’s not clear if the cub will be able to live on her own or in the wild, she’s on her way to a full recovery.

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♦♦♦ Going to the dentist can be rough, especially for kids (and let’s be honest, adults!).
But in Illinois, they’ve found a way to put their patients at ease: a dog!
Jojo the therapy dog visits the dentist once a month to sit with patients during check ups and long procedures.


♦♦♦ Facebook is rolling out a new feature – to help the vision-impaired. The tool interprets what’s in a picture using artificial intelligence that recognizes faces and objects. Users can roll their cursor over an image and a description will be read. The descriptions will initially be confined to just 100 words.


♦♦♦ You know my love of DC’s cat cafe, Crumbs and Whiskers, and although their April Fool’s joke nearly had me fooled (see pic below) – there are no Dog Cafes—that I know of. Except my house when I make Reggie White hang out with me and drink coffee, but I digress.


But this Thursday in LA – the first Dog Cafe will open its doors! The goal of this particular stop for a coffee and a cuddle is to show off dogs who might go overlooked at crowded shelters. Customers who want to take a dog home will face close scrutiny. More pics here. 

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Health laws require that the coffee grounds be kept separate from the dogs… but once customers buy their drinks they can head over to the area for a meet-and-greet with the cafe’s 4-legged regulars.




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