Funeral for Prince George’s County firefighter


Family and friends will say goodbye to Prince George’s County firefighter John Ulmschneider in just about an hour. He was shot and killed last week while responding to a routine call.

The investigation into John Ulmschneider’s death is far from over, but today won’t be about his death, it will be about his life.
I don’t believe there’s any limit to what skillet would have done to help somebody in need,” says Chris Gamble, Ulmschneider’s brother-in-law

That’s how Ulmschneider – or Skillet – as he’s lovingly known, will be remembered, as a dedicated firefighter and paramedic, but also in his every day life as a father and husband.
“Skillet often said that he when he laid down at night that if he couldnt think of at least one person he helped in the day that he was unable to sleep,” says Gamble.
Family and friends echoed that sentiment, now confident that he can rest easy because he truly made a difference.

Today, as his ambulance and truck bring ‘Skillet’ to his final resting place, hundreds and hundreds of people will say their goodbyes, surrounded by his fellow firefighters who know the sacrifice he made all too well.

Stations across the DC, Maryland and Virginia will be stepping in today to help Prince George’s County firefighters so they can attend the service.

The funeral will begin at 1:00 at Saint John’s Parish in Hollywood, Maryland and it’s open to the public.

Ulmschneider was shot and killed while responding to a routine welfare check last Friday. The man suspected in shooting him believed the firefighters were breaking into his home, he has not been charged.

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