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Kasich in Rockville

John Kasich will be in Rockville this afternoon at the Thoms Farms Community Center, but he’s not the only Republican candidate focusing on Maryland.

Donald Trump spent time in Hagerstown on Sunday for a rally, where he talked abotu creating jobs, and his campaign promised he would act more Presidential. Some people waited more than 7 hours to hear him speak. “It’s easier to be presidential cause I don’t have to use any energy I just walk out,” said Trump.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and Kasich are teaming up to divide and conquer Trump, they say, to keep him from getting the more than 1200 delegates necessary to get the GOP Nomination. Both candidates announced within minutes of each other on Sunday they will divide their efforts, Cruz focusing on Indiana and Kasich on Oregon and New Mexico. It’s a strategy the two campaigns have been working on for weeks now.

Kasich made the talk show rounds on Sunday as well, saying he is looking at possible running mates, even though he is in a distant third place. Today though, Kasich will be focusing his efforts on Rockville.

A record number of Maryland voters have already cast their ballots ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The Democrats are campaigning hard, too in the area, Hillary Clinton picked up some key Maryland Congressional endorsements recently.

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