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Beyonce will be selling a LOT of lemonade, Prince George is already inspiring a fashion trend and a vacation where you can cuddle with puppies? That’s what’s trending this Tuesday.

beyonce.jpgMarket researchers say Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade, will do very, very well. (No surprise there). The singer released her new album over the weekend exclusively on “Tidal,” which is is part owner. That’s the only place you can stream her album online, but it is for sale on iTunes and Amazon. The album is expected to go gold opening week.

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When President Obama visited Prince George, it was already past the little guy’s bed time, so, the Prince greeted the Commander-in-Chief while wearing a robe. It apparently started a fashion frenzy, the robe sold out online within 7 minutes of that photo going public. The robe cost $40.00 and is made by a British company, who says U.S. traffic to the site has jumped tenfold in the last few days.


It’s a reunion 50 years in the making, 5 decades ago, a group of Marines took this picture at a Florida beach. At the time, they were all in their teens or 20’s. The men hadn’t seen each other since serving in Vietnam, until Saturday when they recreated their pre-war picture.

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If you’re looking for a summer vacation that includes puppies — and who isn’t — listen up. On Providenciales, which is part of Turks and Caicos, you can hang out with rescued pups and take them for walks on the beach! An organization called “Potcake Place” helps keep strays off the streets, the name is for the particular breed on the island, and comes from locals who scraped off congealed peas and rice in pots to feed the stray dogs. They closely resemble lab and German Shepherd mixes.

When travelers visit, they can pick a puppy and then get a kit filled with food and other necessities. The program helps socialize the dogs and get the acclimated to people so they have a better chance of getting adopted.
And if you fall in love with a Potcake Pup? You can take him home. To donate to Potcake Place, click here.


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