So what are they *really* doing?

scWe see those fabulous celebrities jetting between appearances and performances, having fabulous dinners and hanging out with the coolest people. But come on, what are they really doing? For those transparent celebrities that aren’t too-cool-for-school – you can get a closer glimpse into their lives thanks to SnapChat. Hey, celebrities, “they’re just like us!” Er, sometimes.

I’ve been a fan of SnapChat for some time now, but until a few months ago I limited my account to just family and friends. Then I saw how some celebrities are using the tool to expand their reach, their brand and show another side of themselves.

So, here are some of my favorite SC accounts you should jump on. Obviously, add that NikkiBonTV account…

1. Chrissy Teigen – chrissyteigen – What you get: Cute snaps of her adorable bull dog, John Legend serenading Chrissy in a cab, their beautiful daughter Luna, and Chrissy’s mad cooking skills. Her personality is always on point and she is usually good for a laugh. (Her hubby is snapping at johnlegend)

2. Kaitlyn Bristowe – snapbackbean – even if you didn’t watch the bachelor (I know you caught at least an episode) You should follow Caitlin Bristowe. This Canadian is too cute for words – and she’s hilarious. What you get: snaps of her gorgeous fiance (hello Shawn B!) healthy recipes: I actually saved her protein pancake recipe from her snap story!

3. Kate Hudson – khudsnaps – This girl is so funny. What you get: She snaps her not-so-glamorous moments (applying face mask while eating a donut), her adorable dogs and kiddos, and just silly Kate-isms.

4. Ashley Benson – benzo33 – I admit it – I watch teen drama Pretty Little Liars. Don’t judge me. But even if you aren’t a fan of the tween show – you’ve probably seen bomb-shell blonde Ashley Benson in Spring Breakers, etc. What you’ll get: Her snaps are a look at the mundane time in between shooting, her hanging out with fellow PLL stars, struggling at the gym (ok fine I’ll go!), And a pig. Seriously her latest snap has a pig. She’s adorably funny.

5. Reese Witherspoon – snapsbyreese – My fellow southern belle is just as sweet as pie. What you’ll get: Snaps with her fabulous squad, traveling from LA to Nashville and her Draper James store.

6. Chelsea Handler – chelseahandler -This comedian does not disappoint. She’s hilarious and unfiltered. What you’ll get: Snaps of her dogs including Chunk and Chelsea in her adorable self-depricating humor.

7. Girl with no job – girlwithnojob – She had no job, except making you laugh.

8. K + K, aka, Karena and Katrina – founders of Tone It Up – KarenaKatrina – Cute dogs, cats, workout inspiration and food inspiration!

9. Demi Lovato – theddlovato – Gorgeous girl, gorgeous voice, fun snaps.

10. Ellen – TheEllenShow – Behind the scenes, celebrity cameos, Ellen humor.

11. Sephora – SephoraSnaps – Ok, not a celebrity but a company worth following. Sephora posts makeup tutorials, new products and must-haves. As if I need another reason to buy makeup.

12. Julianne Hough – jujucaroo: She’s so adorable! What you’ll get: Julianne’s pups, her hot fiance (hi Brooks-formerly of Washington Capitals!) Her fabulous life in LA, dancing with her brother and her famous squad.

13. Jimmy Fallon/Fallon Tonight – fallontonight – previews of the show, questions with guests, gimicks, Jimmy humor.

14. Gigi Hadid – itsgigihadid – Because we all want her life. What you’ll get: A look at what your life is not like. G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (I’m flying first class…)

15. Snoop Dog – snoopdogg213 – Because we all want to hang out with Snoop D-O-Double-G. What you’ll get: The rare snap. He’s not a huge snapper, but when he does post it’s true Snoop style.

16. Jessica Alba – jessicamalba – What you’ll get: A look at her work! She is always putting time in at Honest HQ. You’ll see her getting it done, hanging out with friends and her super cool life. (Can we be friends?)

17. The Rock – TheRock – He’s got muscles – and fun snaps.

18. Jenna Dewan Tatum – jennaldewan – Because Channing Tatum. And Jenna is awesome.

19. Rebel Wilson – rebelwilsonsnap – What you’ll get: What you’d expect. Rebel being rebel. (Not Miley being Miley).

20. Rihanna – rihanna – What you’ll get: Bad Gal Riri selfies.

Other notables: 

Jason Derulo – derulo_jason                                                                                                                    Eva Longoria – realevalongoria
Catt Sadler – cattsadler
Chris Pratt – chrisprattsnap
Betches – the_betches
Selena Gomez – selenagomez
Tori Kelly – koritelly
Cara Delevingne – caradevilqueen                                                                                                      Erika Jayne – theprettymess
Kerry Washington – ohsnapkerry
Sophia Bush – sophiabushsnaps
Hilary Duff – ohheyhilary
Gwen Stefani – itsgwenstefani
Huda Beauty – hudabeauty
Ryan Seacrest – ryanseacrest
Nicole Arbour – NicoleArbour
Ariana Grande – moonlightbae
Kendall Jenner – kendalljenner (why? See Gigi Hadid, above.) Her sister, Kylie – kylizzlemynizzl
Ciara – ciara
PopSugar – Popsugar
Adrian Grenier – adrianducontra
Nicole Richie – itsnikkifresh


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