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An inspirational story of veterans defying the odds…Bryce Harper gets another award and an old-fashioned burger chain is going high-tech, here are some stories that will get you talking this Tuesday.


The next time you order a Frosty, it might be at a self-serve Kiosk. Wendy’s is rolling them out to save money, replacing the chain’s workers with touch-screen technology. It’s already happening at some McDonald’s and Panera restaurants. Now – thousands of Wendy’s across the country will be doing the same. It’s in response to California’s minimum wage increase, which is now up to 10 dollars an hour and will soon be up to 15. Now I want a Frosty.

Top DC sports star Bryce Harper made an appearance on the Tonight Show last night. He didn’t do an interview – but Bryce played a game called “Catch Phrase.” Host Jimmy Fallon made fun of Harper talking about trophies to describe how to use bubble wrap. The pair played against comedian Andy Samberg and Supermodel Gigi Hadid.

EW. Note – no picture for this story because it makes my skin crawl: a copperhead snake hiding inside a tree at a North Carolina Lowe’s – bit a store employee.
It happened in the garden section of the store. First responders say this could actually happen at ANY store that sells trees – so, be on the lookout for rogue snakes. The condition of the employee isn’t known.


A heartbreaking story out of Yellowstone Park, where some visitors disturbed nature with sad consequences. A couple of tourists visiting the park found a bison calf – and said they thought the animal looked cold, so they put it in the back of their SUV.
Rangers ticketed the pair – but unfortunately the bison had to be euthanized because after the contact with tourists – it was too comfortable approaching people and cars.
Park rules require visitors to stay at least 25 yards from wildlife. Rangers sent out a reminder to tourists – keep your distance from animals in the park—because although you may have good intentions, you will likely be doing more harm than good. This includes taking selfies.


Yes, yes, yes! Plumeria, Cucumber Melon anyone? Bath & Body Works is throwing it back to the good old days – when my school days were filled with slathering on the scents of Country Apple and Freesia. I remember draining that final bottle of Cucumber melon, the heartbreak I felt learning it would not be replaceable. If you are feeling nostalgic, like me, chin-up, buttercup — BBW is bringing back our favorites starting at the end of May. It’s part of their #FlashbackFragrances campaign.


So you just can’t wake up early enough to exercise before work and after work you just never seem to stop by the gym…Sounds familiar, right? Well here’s an option if you live in London. How about a commuter bus that doubles as a spin class? Mashable has photos of the bus, which is being proposed by a fitness company called One Rebel. The bus is fitted with exercise bikes and will take a few of London’s most popular commuter routes. The buses will also drop off riders at a gym where they can shower off, before going to work. If the government approves, the first spin bus could roll out later this year.


Two Iraq war veterans who lost right legs to roadside bombs will try this week to become the first combat-amputees to climb Mount Everest. They are planning to make the 29,029-foot trek on Friday, weather permitting. Army reservist Chad Jukes and Staff Sergeant Charlie Linville are on separate expeditions. There are also two other army officers on the summit – who – if successful – will become the first active-duty American soldiers to reach the top.


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