Trunk Club

Confession: I prefer to do my shopping online. It’s not that I don’t like the mall, it’s the parking, the crowds and most of all – the sales people in the halls of the shopping centers who bombard me and ask me to try their products. NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TO CURL MY HAIR OR MASSAGE MY HANDS. Look, I know their jobs aren’t easy, but if I’m on the phone just let me keep walking, mmm k?

Ok, end of rant.


Now for the answer to my problems, Trunk Club! My husband has long been a member of this shopping club, but until about a year ago it was men’s only. Now, ladies, we have entry into TC.

Here’s how it works: you sign up HERE and you will be assigned a stylist. The stylist calls you, gets to know you and sets up a profile for you. For me, I was looking for work dresses and a new pair of jeans. (Why is finding the right pair of jeans one of the most stressful and frustrating things ever?!) So I told my stylist what I wanted, and she pulled together pieces for me.

All clothes from TC come from Nordstrom, which owns the company. Your stylist will go to Nordstrom, pick out clothes she thinks you would like and/or things you told her to and mail them to you in a big, fat trunk. (PIC below) Which means, your stylist has to deal with the annoying sales people bombarding you with iphone accessories, mall parking and tourists (hello, DC).

How the Trunk arrives
The goods

Which, if your house is anything like mine, will be the perfect vessel for dogs and cats to explore.

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Next: You try on the clothes! No waiting for a dressing room. Keep what you want, and what you don’t – just put back in the Trunk and schedule a pick-up.

The stylist and shipping cost you nothing. You only pay for the clothes themselves, which are not marked up – they are the same price as if you were to go into the store yourself. If the items are on sale in Nordstrom – they’re on sale in your trunk.

I’ve done Stitch Fix as well, which is similar – but here’s the difference – with Stitch Fix, you have to pay a $20 styling fee. With TC, you pay nothing, except for your new digs.

BONUS for DC, Chicago and NYC people: Trunk Club offers happy hours! I’ve done this a couple of times with friends. The process is similar for getting a trunk sent to your home, but this way – multiple trunks go to the Trunk Club office. You and your friends meet there to try on clothes together, and take home what you want. Bonus: Trunk Club offers an in-house bar with free booze. Shopping, friends and vino? These are a few of my favorite things…

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Disclaimer – if you join using my link – I get a little kick back. Thanks 🙂

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