Alexandria homicide

Gunshots rang out in the middle of the night in Alexandria – at the Cityside Huntington Metro apartment complex – on the 6000 block of Richmond Highway.
Police are still on the scene investigating what is now a homicide.

There are actually a few different crime scenes at the site, the first one in the parking lot in front of the actual building where the homicide took place, the second is another section of the parking lot that’s taped off with crime scene tape and a third where a motorcycle is parked. Police haven’t said how the motorcycle is involved.

“We’ve lived here for four years,” says Arsen Sumbatyn, a resident at the complex. “It’s a pretty calm neighborhood so I’m really shocked that something happened like that. We just slept overnight, it was very quiet.”

But that was all interrupted at about 2:15 Friday morning when Alexandria Police say a man was shot to death outside the Cityside complex.

When police arrived, they found a man unresponsive in the parking lot. Helicopters swarmed the scene and detectives canvassed the neighborhood looking for clues to lead them to the shooter. Meanwhile, hundreds of people who live in this complex begin their day, concerned about what happened outside their home.

“How am I going to get to work?” was resident Cliff Smith’s first thought. During the investigation, police blocked off all vehicles parked near the crime scene. No one was allowed to move their cars.

“[I don’t feel] very good, not very good at all,” Smith said about when he heard about the homicide.

By 10:00 AM, residents were once again allowed to move their cars and pass through the crime scene, although detectives are still on the scene investigating.

Details are still scarce, however, no information on a suspect or motive has been released, nor has the identity of the victim.

Police say it’s not clear if either the victim or the suspect lived in the complex or if they knew each other.

For now, police are asking for anyone with information who may have heard or seen anything this morning give them a call.



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