A little run in with some pups…

During my regular weekend trip to Petco, I ran into an adoption event with some adorable puppies I just had to share with you all. Because, well, puppies.

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The puppies were saved through the Wolf Trap Animal Rescue and are now up for adoption! WTAR is a fairly new group based in Virginia, opened in May of 2015. The founder told me EVERY WEEKEND they have an adoption event at Petsmart in Tysons Corner, where they have about 40 puppies looking for new homes! FORTY! So you know those people who say they go to a breeder because they want a puppy? Yeah, here’s your answer to that. In fact, you can check out their website for a list of all available animals.

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue has successfully adopted over 670 dogs and puppies, and 32 cats and  kittens, with a total of over 776 animals rescued from euthanasia! Incredible.

Wolf Trap Animal Rescue volunteers tell me their puppies come from all over the country, mainly in the south where irresponsible breeding is rampant and many dogs end up in shelters. Each weekend people line up outside the store to get the puppy of their dreams, and most importantly, to save a life.

Please share these little guys pics so we can find them a good home!
Can’t adopt a dog? Consider donating to this group – they are raising money now for a primary facility! Here’s the link.  OR – to donate outside of GoFundMe, email them foster.adopt@wtarescue.com, or call (703) 638-2567.

MORE about WTAR here. 


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