A kindergarten teacher who moonlights as a wrestler…and a heartwarming story about a dog finding his forever home…But first – it was a night filled with music royalty – including the queen of pop.

This year’s Billboard music awards show was a packed one – that started with my girl, Britney Spears kicking off the show with her greatest hits. She looked INCREDIBLE! And she played all of my favorite songs. What a throwback, I loved seeing all the stars in the audience singing all the words with me! Adele unveiled her new video, “Send My Love,” and Madonna, Stevie Wonder and The Weeknd all honored Prince.

Controversy in San Diego – was it a homophobic prank or a simple mistake?
100 members of the San Diego Gay men’s chorus stood on the field to sing the National Anthem as part of Pride Night. But instead, the Padres played the recorded voice of a woman singing the anthem. The men had to stand on the field until the song ended and then faced homophobic taunts as they walked off the field. The team apologized to the chorus, fired the contractor and disciplined the employee who oversaw the process. The team believes it was a mistake.

And take a look at this – A Florida Kindergarten teacher moonlights as a pro-wrestler!
Steve Damico is known to his students as – Mr. Damico, but when he steps out of the classroom and into the ring – his alter ego comes out, and he’s officially “Syther.” The Fort Myers school is aware of his second job and praises him as a fantastic educator. I’m thinking this would be a fantastic second gig for me, too…how awesome would it be to let off some steam by breaking a chair over someone’s head? Sign me up.


Meet Rachel, a 9-year-old Lab mix who has been waiting in a shelter to be adopted since she was 2 years old. It’s been a long 7 years, but, but now she’s found her forever home – thanks to Laura who saw a Facebook post about the senior dog. Now, Rachel is living the good life with her new mom in Oklahoma. To see more senior dogs up for adoption – check out Susie’s Senior Dogs on Facebook.



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