Technology Tuesday

Ayo, I’m tired of using technology… {thanks JT}
So let me help ya out – with some of my favorite apps that make my life a little easier. Get ready for the need for increased storage.

Take a sneak peek into my app-filled iPhone, after all, a screen shot is the window to the soul…




  1. Grub Hub/Postmates 
    Let’s be honest – some times, you just want the food to come to you. I mean some days it’s too much to put pants on and leave the house…but you’re starving! The answer – Grub Hub or Postmates. Choose from plenty of restaurants and select a driver…pay through your phone, and voila – that meal you’re craving so much but are too lazy to go get is on it’s way to you. Downside: That Chipotle burrito is little bit more expensive if someone brings it to you.


2. Venmo/Mint: Both deal with those dolla bills, but in different ways. Venmo is a pretty fantastic way to share your cash with friends. Whether it be splitting the bill or sending your sister a few extra bucks—Venmo is linked to your bank account and it makes the process very easy. Mint helps you track your cash flow, what you spend, and what you spend it on. It also helps you keep tabs on your bills, and when you’re spending a little too much? Mint will let you know.



3. …or just let me do it from home. Keep is Pinterest, but less annoying. Warning: You will want to buy everything. Think of it as a steady stream of beautiful things: Clothes, home goods, gifts, technology, jewelry, art, pretty much anything you may want to spend your extra paycheck on, it’s here. HOW IT WORKS: Different tabs at the top make it easy to see what’s trending or fellow Keepers. Scroll through and tab the product you want to ‘keep.’ You can either “Keep” it and save it to a wishlist or buy it immediately. Clicking on the “buy” link will take you directly to the product’s site where you can (all too easily) enter your credit card info. Warning: Do not drink wine and Keep… as I have done too many times. Their motto is “Addictive shopping” for a reason. You’re welcome and I’m sorry.




4. The Skimm: “A new era in news”

This might be my favorite app. Like to be in-the-know but don’t have time to go through all the headlines? Skimm does it for you, and in a witty way. The app sends you push alerts every morning with the latest headlines. It takes complicated stories and breaks them down into quirky, easy to read stories. Then, provides a link to learn more.
Here’s an example:

“What to say when your most conservative friend wears a crop top…

Spicing things up. Yesterday, Berkshire Hathaway – the company run by billionaire investor Warren Buffet – disclosed that it made an investment in Apple worth $1 billion. BFD, since Buffett’s famous for favoring traditional companies like Coca-Cola and American Express over teach. That’s because he says it’s harder to spot the good ones in the industry. Surprise: after he picked up Apple, the company’s stock perked up. That’s because this is a much-needed show of support from an iconic investor, at a time when Apple’s in a sour place. It’s been struggling with slowing iPhone sales, especially in China. Despite that, Berkshire Hathaway’s move has investors feeling hungry… and getting in the Buffett line.”

See what I mean? A more in-depth article is linked below, but the authors basically take said-article and break it down for you. And props to their creative writing the weaves in how the kids talk these days.

I would say I start my day with it, but my day starts at 2am and the Skimm comes out around 7. So for all your ‘normal’ folk, you actually can start your day with it. It’s informational, part of your routine and international. It’s also typically a quick-read.

Want more? The Skimm app also has a “Skimm ahead” feature for what’s happening in the coming days/weeks. For example – the app will say today is ___ – Mother’s Day is just a few days away, make sure to get those flower orders in now! There are also a few extra in-depth articles (couple with the read-time) for extra credit. For this reporter always in the car, the Skimm is a fantastic way to get caught up with what’s happening today, tomorrow, and help me weed out the not-so-important headlines. Let’s be honest, it can get crowded in the old noggin’.

Another thing I love about The Skimm – it’s started by two savvy female entrepreneurs. 

Down side: It costs you about $2.99 a month. But is there really a price on feeling smarter?



5. Charity Miles/Sworkit/Classpass

-Charity Miles is a no-brainer. It’s an app you simply turn on while you’re running/walking/etc, and start sweating. No, it won’t help you lose weight, but it will give you an incentive to get moving. With each step, you raise money for a number of causes. All you have to do is load the app and click on the charity of your choice. I always choose ASPCA. At the end of your journey, the app will tell you how much good you’ve done! Ex: “You just helped feed 5 dogs!” Feels good, right?

-Sworkit: This app will get you sweating. It’s perfect for those on the road or without a gym membership. The app is free and all you do is open the app, then select your work out. (Most workouts focus on the bootie!) My favorite is the Brazilian Lift. Choose the workout, the time and hit start. There are little videos that play to show you exactly what to do, plus a timer counts you down so you know when to rest. I usually add weights and cut out the rest time in between to up the ante.

-ClassPass: I’ve been a class-passer for several months now and I’m a huge fan. For $15 a month, you can go to ANY gym or fitness studio in your area that participates in Class Pass as many times as you want.  For people like me, who get bored easily, this is the answer. Want to do a week of Pure Barre? It’s on ClassPass. If by Friday you’re feeling the need for a good sweat session, several Cycle studios and CrossFit gyms are there, too. And on Sunday, for the perfect path to zen in time for Monday, I head to Yoga. DOWNSIDE: Unlimited membership *was* $100/month, but it was just increased to $155. If that’s too much for you – you can always do the $105/month which offers 10 classes a month at any studio.



6. Headspace: Think of this as a personal trainer for your brain. go/go/go/go/work/work/work/work/work (not Rihanna) is my life. It’s something we’re all guilty of, constantly thinking about the next move, tomorrow, etc. It’s hard these days to just be *present.* Which is why the Art of Mindfulness is – the practice of being present in the moment, is really picking up steam. But that’s easier said than done. Headspace takes you through 10 minutes a day of meditation. I do it right before bed – and it’s a wonderful way to wind down my day and just BE.


7. Giphy

When words won’t cut it, sometimes a Gif says it all. But who has time to search the interwebs for the perfect gif? Instead, open your Giphy app and search via emotion. Voila, the perfect response to your bff’s text.



8. SnapChat! No, it’s not just for the kids.

News organizations, including my station, WUSA9, are using SC to give real-time updates, as well as behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s also a way to show the lighter side of news, (we have fun sometimes!) I use Snap for so many reasons. That adorable picture of my dog? Yeah, it’s on my Snap story, but it’s also being sent directly to my friends. My Snaps are public, so anyone can view them. They go away after 24 hours, and onto the next. Celebrities are also on the app, and that’s a really fun way to see what they do in their spare time. Here’s my list of my favorite celebrities on SC.

MEMORY, (All alone in the moonlight/I can smile at the old days/I was beautiful then…)


9. TimeHop 

In need of a #TBT post? Wanna know what you were doing one year ago today? How about 7 years ago today? What did you post about on Facebook in 2009? TimeHop has you covered. A fun (free) app you can link to your social media accounts that curates them each day, giving you a look back into your past…The window to the past is sometimes the perfect Throwback Thursday material, and othertimes – you just swipe it away because…let’s not go there. WHAT WAS I THINKING?



Move over, Google Maps. Waze provides accurate directions, but the best part is the way it gets you around traffic. Example – I was driving home to Tennessee down I-81, and inevitably, got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. But before we got locked in, Waze alerted me to an alternate route – off an unlikely exit and through a small town. Saved me hours. (Free app)


11. Your pictures and quotes have never looked better, thanks to these apps.

VanillaPen, Studio+ – great apps for adding words, borders, effects etc to your pictures.

Just want to make your picture look better? Try Afterlight. Works wonders for those pictures that have so much potential.


12. HyperLapse/Boomerang 

HyperLapse takes that beautiful drive through the fall foliage and speeds it up – turning it into a :15 second (or so) video. Because who has time these days to sit through a video that’s :20 long?! The audacity.

Boomerang: This app is a blast. Also made by Instagram, the app makes gifs for you! You know those moving pics in your Instafeed? This is how they’re made.


13. Slack 

This app has made my work life SO much easier. I do not know how our newsroom functioned without it! In the past, we would send an email and cc just about everyone. I can’t tell you how many times that email got lost in my inbox. This makes it easier to get the word out to everyone in real-time. There’s a desktop version and a mobile version. The app lets you create channels to communicate with your coworkers…you can also privately send messages. Their tagline is “be less busy,” and I can confirm I am spending less time reading (then deleting) emails and more time getting the message – and getting to work.

14. INK cards


I love this app! I often send cards to my girlfriends when I find one that just speaks to me… well now thanks to Ink, I can create a card and have it sent directly to my friends.

BONUS: Not-so-new apps that if you don’t know, now ya know.

Rue lala/Gilt Hellooooo discount shopping! Warning: You will spend too much money.

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