For my ladies

A couple of weeks ago I joined an online social group full of ladies across the country in the news business. Some of whom I’ve met, some I know, some I don’t and some I may never meet. And yet I’ve already found inspiration and comfort in so many of these ladies. Not surprising really, considering the type of women who make journalists – they’re compassionate, strong, savvy, smart, I could go on and on. 

What was surprising – was how much I needed this. I needed this group of (some  unknown) women, peers, to lift me up. I didn’t know I needed them. But I did. 
Turns out, I’m not alone. A couple of my coworkers have mentioned to me several times how much we love the group. They say it with such surprise, too. I know they feel the same way I do.

This got me thinking – why does this random social media have such an impact on me, albeit a positive one? Why is the response from something so simple – a social media group to ask advice about this crazy news business – so huge? (There are now hundreds of members) 

We needed this. We need this. Yes, this business is hard. Ask any journalist and they’ll tell you. Ask any female journalist. (That’s a whole ‘nother blog post, trust me) We deal with a lot, but we love this job, so we take the good with the bad. This group has turned into something I didn’t know was missing, a fellowship. Something I know other women need – in the news business or not. 

It’s not a “misery loves coming” kind of thing either. It’s a – “we’re in this together…here’s how I handled it” situation. 

It’s a place to share ideas, support each other, connect and network.

I’m not suggesting we create a massive group with strangers and just become BFFs. (I already find myself spending too much time on social media.) This niche group is just that – for *our* crazy lives. What I am suggesting – is that we support each other. We compliment each other. We don’t tear down each other. easier said than done sometimes, I know. Gossip is easy. And yes it’s fun. But let’s talk about how great that girl is. Not tear her down. Ask her if she’s ok. Tell her she looks nice today.
Tell her hi. 

What does it say about this business – and this world – that we get so much from a group like this? 

It’s so much easier to take the high road. After a while, the alternative option will be a much foggier path, one you won’t be as likely to venture down. 

<Cue Beyoncรฉ.>

โ€œA candle loses nothing by lighting the flame of another.โ€

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