Armed men storm into hotel room


It was a rude awakening for several hotel guests at the Motel 6 in Springfield, Virginia, who say three men, one armed with a gun and one with a hammer, forced their way into their hotel room and robbed them.

It happened at about 2:15 Tuesday morning at the hotel off of I-95.
“I heard a knock so I looked through the peephole and the peephole was covered,” says Osman Elnour, a victim. “I thought it was one of my friends messing around.”

But it was not a friendly face on the other side of the door. Osman says he opened the door, three men barged in and he was immediately pistol-whipped. “Then two other people came in, one had a hammer and one had a ski mask on, so they just told everybody to get on the ground,” says Osman.

Osman is a college student at VCU, he was in town for the night at a party with his friends at the Motel Monday night. When the men demanded the group give up everything they had. “I just wake up and see a guy with a gun waiving it at people and then someone punching girls in the face,” says Cyrus Vasigh, another victim.

“The fat guy, he was like, ‘{expletive} shut up,’ and I fell on the bed,” remembers Diaa Rahimi, another victim. “They took everything, they took my phone, they took my purse, everything is gone,” she says.

Diaa and her friends who were allegedly hit by the suspects were not seriously hurt, but understandably shaken up.

Police say they’re looking for three men in their 20’s, one is described as a heavy-set man with long-dreads.

Neither Diaa, nor her friends recognized the men. But, they say, they find it very odd that their room was targeted. “I don’t know how we got set up, I don’t know how,” she says.

Police are still canvassing the area and searching for the robbers.




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