It came down to the wire and in the end, a shocking vote to many as Britain will leave the European Union. But the uncertainty for both the U.K. and the U.S. is just beginning. “Very sad, very sad,” that’s how Diana Negroponte says she felt this morning when she heard the news.

She’s not pleased with the passing of the Brexit, and she fears this will be just the beginning. “There will be rumblings in a number of the European countries, if the Brits can do it and they’re still on their fair isle, so can we.”

It was expected to be a close vote, but most predicted it would go the other way. Britain has been a member of the E.U. since joining 43 years ago.

Diana’s vote was the minority, however, and the bombshell passed. Conservative Brits, including Helen Litster, rejoiced. “I am extremely happy. I sat up until 1:00 this morning, I voted to leave the EU, so I’m happy,” says Helen.

While some say the Brexit was about immigration and Europe’s free movement policy, Helen says it’s about accountability. “I don’t like the fact that the European Union controls things and they’re not accountable. We are British we are a sovereign state we have a queen, we need to be governing our own laws and doing what is best for us.”

But Helen says she has to look at the bigger picture, and she’s prepared for the unsettled future.

Another surprise Friday morning, Prime Minister David Cameron announced he’s stepping down. “I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,” Cameron said in a press conference.

Diana, says that was the right decision. “He’s a gambler and he took two other gambles one with the Scottish referendum and one with the general election and he won those but he lost the 3rd and gambles should not be at 10 Downing Street. The conservative party will stay in power but Cameron himself, the gambler, must go,” says Diana.

Both Diana and Helen agree on one thing, the similarities between those who support the Brexit and those who plan to vote for Trump.

“The American people are saying we need to change we need something different and the British people are saying the exact same,” says Helen.

“The same people who will vote for Donald Trump voted here, which is those who hark back to an old golden age which no longer exists,” says Diana.

A day of disdain for some, and a day for celebration for others. “A happy day,” says Helen. “It’s our 4th of July.”

It could take months for Britain to officially separate from the E.U.

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