Metro Maintenance Phase 2

It’s the final week for phase two of the Safety Surge, and some say the maintenance hasn’t really impacted their lives, while others say they can’t wait for this phase to be over so they can get back to their normal commute.

“Actually the Safety Surge has taken me out of work two weeks because I work in Tysons and so it’s impossible to get to Tysons from here on time,” says Christina Jeter. “So I’m off for two weeks until this is over with.”

Christina Jeter says there is an alternative option to get her to work during the Safety Surge, but it’s just too much, so she opted for an unplanned and unpaid vacation. “That’s life, America,” she says.

Since June 18th, Potomac Avenue station and Stadium Armory station have been closed. Would-be passengers instead boarding buses to go from Minnesota Avenue to Benning Road to Eastern Market. Some riders were able to make it work with a back-up plan, just in case. “Which is take the Marc Train downtown, so far it’s been pretty good and I haven’t had to do that yet,” says Jacques Larochelle. “I get to work a little bit later than normally because of the traffic during the transfer but other than that it hasn’t been so bad.”

Other riders, like Maria Ory, say she hopes it will all be worth it in the end. “I guess I’m happy there aren’t any more fires or emergencies. I know it’s a huge inconvenience for a lot of other people but luckily it hasn’t been a huge inconvenience for me.”

It’s all part of the plan to make Metro safer, and when you’re riding with precious cargo like Christina is, safer is always better. So until Metro is back to normal and Christina is back to work, she’s choosing to look at the positive side of it all: She gets to spend more time with her little girls. “They went to Six Flags yesterday,” says Christina. “We went to Six Flag and we went to the water park,” says her daughter Christina. “We went to the wave pool and we went on some slides at the water park.

Sunday is the final day of phase two. Phase three will include closures on the Blue and Yellow lines between Reagan National Airport and Braddock Road.



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