DC Police react to Tragedy in Dallas

The tragedy in Dallas weighing heavy on police departments across the country – and especially here in DC as more protests are planned this weekend for justice for Philando Castille and Alton Sterling – the two black men shot and killed by white police officers.
In preparation for those marches – DC Police are doing more to keep their officers safe.

Chief Lanier says when she woke up Friday morning to the news, she was shocked and heartbroken by what happened in Dallas. Chief Lanier also says her officers have a job to do, and they’re taking extra precautions to keep them safe. “We doubled up last night at midnight and it will be that way until further notice,” says Chief Lanier.

With a busy weekend ahead of protests, Chief Lanier has ordered all officers on two-man crews, and extra security is in place at all DC Police facilities.

“It’s hard not be shaken up as a police officer when you watch the coverage of what happened last night,” says Chief Lanier. She says it’s difficult to watch the coverage showing 5 fellow officers killed, the deadliest police event since 9/11.

“I also think our officers realize this is the act of violent offenders, not the acts of members of our community,” says Chief Lanier. “So we have to keep that in mind and not be emotional about it.” That was evident Thursday night during a peaceful protest at the White House. Deondre Moore, with the Black Lives Matter movement organized that march. “There’s no reason for us to go out and kill innocent police, they could be the good guys,” says Moore. “I don’t agree with what happened in Dallas.”

Chief Lanier says she’s confident in her officers and in the community. “We will watch each other’s back and we engage with each other in our communhi9ty and believe it or not they watch us, too,” she says.

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