DC shows France support after attacks

frenchflag.JPGThe somber mood continues outside the Embassy of France as people stop by to mourn and show their support for the dozens of people killed in Nice Thursday.

Warren Snaider is one of those people who walked by the embassy, in shock and sadness for what happened.

“To my French friends, I don’t know what to say,” says Warren.

When words simply seem inadequate, Warren decided to show his support in a different way, by walking around D.C. draped in the French flag.

“I wanted them to know that someone is supporting them is crying with them,” he says.

Warren is not French, he’s never even been to France, but this is the second time he’s worn the French flag in as many days.

On Thursday, he wore it to a Bastille Day race.

“I thought well I should wear it to the race because it’s a celebration of France and then I thought well I have to wear it this morning because I’m walking by the embassy,” says Warren.

“I have to do it.”

There are more signs of support outside the embassy, where extra security is in place and the French flag is at half staff.

Meanwhile, apprehensive Americans stop by to plan their trips to France, unsure if they should still visit the country facing so much tragedy and terror.

“It does make things a little bit difficult for us,we are here still because we are not sure if we want to cancel the plans altogether but we are inclining towards it to be honest,” says Anshul Gupta, who is planning a trip to France.

“I would say it’s more than 50 percent we might cancel our plans or postpone it hoping it will be better in the future.”

VCU student Marwa Eltaib is preparing to study abroad in France this fall. “It’s crazy and it’ horrible, there are so many bad people in every corner of the world.”


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