Ellicott City Flood Damage

Downtown Ellicott City is quiet on Monday, much calmer than Sunday, nonetheless, still devastating as business owners still have a long way to go.

Progress on Main Street, as crews worked overnight to remove 180 cars and begin to stabilizes some of the 40-plus buildings that were damaged.

On Monday afternoon, local business owners will be allowed to actually see what’s left and what can be salvaged. No one will be allowed inside the buildings, though, because it’s still not safe.

Business owners downtown are devastated, but not defeated. “This is my whole life,” says Gretchen Shuey, who owns Bean Hollow, the coffee shop on Main Street. “But I know that our friends and our family and our community are going to come together and we are going to be fine.”

As Mother Nature showed us her worst, the people of Ellicott City are vowing to do their best. “They’re not going to let this storm defeat them,” says County Executive Allan Kittleman.

The stories of heroism are everywhere, evident especially in a video of strangers forming a human chain to help pull a woman from her car before it gets swept away in food waters. “Grateful, I’m thankful. I wish I knew how to get in touch with him. It was brave, really brave,” says Jamie Knight, the woman who was saved. She hasn’t been able to talk to and thank the man who helped save her.

Those stories are everywhere, proof that the spirit of Ellicott City, did not wash away.

“It makes me want to go back home and stand with everybody and help rebuild the town. I’m devastated about the damage that’s done. Some of my favorite places are destroyed. But the spirit of the people is really amazing,” says Knight.

A public meeting will be held Monday at 4:30 at the 50+ center in Ellicott City, for anyone to ask questions of city leaders and state police.



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