Homeowners anxious to return to Main Street

It’s been 3 days since 6 inches of rain flooded Ellicott City and all but destroyed downtown. The flash flood happened Saturday night when people were settling down to dinner and enjoying a night on the town.

Two people died when six inches of rain turned main street into a raging river. Now, those chilling 911 calls have been released by Howard County.

“Oh my God,” says one caller to the 911 dispather. “We are here in Old Ellicott City and the water is coming up on the buliding. We need someone to come in. I can see the ceilings crumbling.”

Trapped inside their homes and businesses along Main Street, people frantically called 911, trying to get help. “Oh my God, there are cars flying down the street, the floor is buckling,” says another caller.

The nearly 11 minutes of 911 calls strung together, give a glipmse into the terrifying night so many experienced on Saturday. 911 operators tried to get people to safety and to higher ground, some are successful, others have no where to go. “The door won’t open and we can’t get out the back,” says a caller. “The water has come into this floor!”

As water continued to rush in, many people were helpless, sitting ducks just waiting for rescue crews to arrive and helping everyone they can.
911 operator: “Are you guys trapped inside?”
Caller: Yes we actually got some people inside that were on the street.”

Rescue crews got there as quickly as possible, but two people didn’t make it; their bodies found on Sunday.

Main Street is still closed to the public this week, but homeowners are expected to be allowed in to see their homes at 12:30 on Wednesday. Homeowners should meet at the Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church on Rogers Avenue. Bring protective eyewear, a flashlight and wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.




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