More problems post-flooding in Ellicott City

More problems and more heartbreaking for many homeowners in Ellicott City, because while some were allowed to go inside their houses and get their belongings, others were not; and they may never be.

Patience: That’s what homeowners along Main Street have tried to maintain this week while engineers work to secure the buildings. “It’s just so sad to see your life in ruins,” says one flood victim.

Now, that patience has run out and in it’s place, disappointment. That’s because engineers say there are at least 2 buildings that couple collapse at any moment, and they’ll have to be torn down immediately, along with everything inside. That demolition also impacts the people who live close by, like Sydney Kirchhoff, who was returning from her honeymoon the night of the flood. “I’d love to get some documents so I could change my name,” says Sydney. “We’d love to open a wedding gift, if we could. I mean, our whole lives are in there.”

A lucky few got inside to grab anything that was salvageable, even luckier, were people like Gail Robinson, who just had a few feet of water in her home. “I just need to dry out the basement, this is the second time I have had water in my basement,” she says. “But this time I’m just kind of taking it in stride.”

Meanwhile, perseverance remains on Main Street. For those who lost everything, they say they will rebuild; and they’ll have the helping hands of their neighbors.

To add to the issues in Ellicott City, officials say there is a massive sewage leak nearby. 5-million gallons of sewage is going into the Patapsco River each day. Everyone is asked to steer clear.


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