Baby Dies, allegedly at the hands of Nanny

A family in Prince George’s County is dealing with a heartbreaking loss, their 8-month-old baby girl died on Monday. Now, an arrest has been made in the case. Police say Enita Salubi was in the care of her live-in nanny, Oluremi Oyindasola at the child’s home in Glenarden when the baby died.

According to investigators, Oyindasola was napping when Enita started crying and woke up Oyindasola. Police say that’s when Oyindasola poured two, 7 ounce bottles of milk down the baby’s throat, one right after the other.

“Upon seeing the child struggling for breath and the baby becoming unresponsive, the nanny waited 20 minutes before she called the father and then the father called 911 and rushed to the house,” says Cpl Harry Bond with the Prince George’s County Police Department.

Baby Enita was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. She died of asphyxiation.

Family members declined to comment, but neighbors say they long had their concerns about the nanny. “I heard that baby always crying, consistently,” says Mark Watson, a neighbor. Watson says he wishes he had called police. “When the situation happened in the back of my mind I still kept wondering, did anyone do anything to that baby? That lady was over there,” he says.

Enita’s cries were a common sound in the neighborhood.¬† “Every time I come out in my yard that baby was crying, every day. The baby can’t talk so I guess it had to cry,” says another neighbor, Anthony Matthews.

On Wednesday, police arrested Oyindasola and charged her with 2nd degree murder and child abuse.

Police say nanny camera footage in the house will help with their investigation.


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