Help save baby Blake

At just 5-months-old, a Prince George’s County baby has already been through more than his fair share.
Little Blake is a fighter, but he can’t do it alone: his parents are asking for the public’s help to save his life.

Since the first day of Blake Thomas’ life, the odds have been stacked against him. Blake was born at just 23 weeks, with a 20 percent chance of survival.

“He had a lot of complications with his lungs, his kidneys, brain bleeds,” says Blake’s mother, Rebecca Thomas. “He was about the size of my hand,” says Mike Thomas, Blake’s dad.

But Blake has already proven, beating the odds is something he was born to do. “It all resolved on its own,” remembers Rebecca.

Then, two weeks before Blake was supposed to go home, the doctors delivered more bad news to his parents. “They found a mass in his liver. They said, Blake has a malignant tumor,” says Rebecca. “It was just one thing after another, like what’s next?”

Blake has an extremely rare form of liver cancer. His only chance for survival is a new liver. “We’ve had potential donor calls, but they’ve all fallen through,” says Mike.

Blake is going through chemo treatments now, but he’s running out of time. “If we don’t have a liver by Wednesday, after his last chemo treatment, his body won’t tolerate much more chemo. The tumor will remain in his body with potential to grow and spread,” says Rebecca.

His parents are asking anyone between the ages of 18 and 50 with blood type A or O to get tested.
“If you find it in your heart to fill out his questionnaire, please do so,” says Rebecca. “Help us save our baby’s life, he’s been through a lot.”

Rebecca and Mike have been through a lot, too. But like Blake, they’re not done fighting.

“No, we are not giving up on him,” says Rebecca. “He hadn’t given up on himself, why would we?”

It’s a good thing, too. Because the world needs more of that smile, the world needs more Blake Thomas.

If you would like to get tested – the best thing to do is to email Blake’s parents, Rebecca and Mike at:

Rebecca Thomas:
Mike Thomas:

If you aren’t an eligible donor, but would like to help, there’s a Go Fund Me Page to help with the hospital bills here:


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