Giving back and giving thanks

It’s the season of giving thanks, when we gather around the table and count our blessings. And for State Senator C. Anthony Muse, he knows just how blessed he is. “They gave me a sense of belonging, they gave me a sense of family and for me it put my life back on track,” says State Senator C. Anthony Muse.

More than 40 years ago, Muse was lost. He was kicked out of school in Baltimore, with no where to go. “I can tell you many of my friends I had back then, many are dead, many ended up in jail. I really would have easily been influenced to go down that path,” he says.

When his life could have taken a very different turn, his soon-to-be mother and father stepped in, giving him the chance he needed: a new home.

“It didn’t matter, we didn’t know anything about him because we had so much love to give. We didn’t ask questions, we just brought him home,” says his mother, Evelyn Stansbury of the adoption.

So now, during National Adoption Month, Muse is joined by his mother at the Woodside Village senior living apartments. There, they share their hearts with those who need it most. “They want family, the sense of family is very important to them,” says Muse. “Most of them have great families, but a few of them do not. We try to make sure as best we can provide that sense of family. You reach out and you do that, you give them a hug you let them know we are all connected in this world.”

In between hugs and kisses, Muse and his mom hand out 100 turkeys and meals to the senior citizens. But it’s not just during November, the food pantry, through the Ark of Safety Christian Church, provides meals for the community year-round. Because Muse isn’t just thankful during the holidays or during National Adoption Month, his gratitude is eternal.


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