DC United player & Brazil native reacts to tragedy

Reaction from around the world continues to pour in for the victims of the plane crash in Colombia, where 76 people were killed, including a Brazilian Soccer team. People in Washington are grieving as well, especially one DC United player whose heart is very much with the team.

It’s arguably the most popular sport in the world – especially in South America.
And here in DC – Marcelo Sarvas, a Brazil native, knows just how much the sport, and the players mean to his home country. He talked about the tragedy on Tuesday.

Far away from his home country of Brazil, DC United mid-fielder Marcelo Sarvas knows there’s not much he can do from here. So he joined the rest of the world in tweeting about the tragedy.

“It’s like saying, look, we can’t take away the pain from you but the world is with you,” says Sarvas. “We feel your same pain and we are here.”

DC United and several other players expressed condolences as well. Soccer is the biggest sport worldwide, and especially in Brazil, where, as Sarvas put it, ‘soccer is life.’ Sarvas didn’t know anyone personally on board the plane that crashed, but he can still relate.

Sarvas has been with DC United for one season, but he was born in Brazil and knows the town where the Chapecoense team is based. He also knows just how much this team means to the small city of Chapec√≥. “It’s a small town they only have 200,000 people,” says Sarvas. “So you know how it is in small towns, everyone knows each other.” That’s especially the case for members of the soccer team. “Football is everything there. Those people are heroes in their hometown,” says Sarvas.

The Chapecoense team was in the middle of a fairy tale season, on their way to the finals of a major South American soccer competition for the first time ever. The plan was near Medellin, Colombia when it crashed Monday night due to an apparent electrical emergency. The plane was just minutes away from its final destination. Of the 81 people on board, only 5 of them survived.

The Brazilian government has declared three days of morning.

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