Another local business targeted by trolls

Yet another local business is dealing with cyber bullying – and even threats – after deciding not to host an event for supporters of Donald Trump.

Clarendon Ballroom, the popular night club and private venue in northern Virginia says yes – up until this week they were in talks to host an inauguration party through the group – Citizens for Trump. The event was dubbed “the Deploraball” – a proposal was issued, as seen in a tweet from one of the organizers.

But a Clarendon Ballroom spokesperson says that’s as far as it went.
Clarendon Ballroom says when they found out the event had already sold 500 tickets – before a contract was signed and before a deposit was made, the decision was made not to move forward due to the “suspicious activities of the organizers.” Citizens For Trump organizers, disagree.

In numerous tweets and videos, organizers say the event was canceled because of political pressure. That sparked threats online and on the phone and even negative reviews.

It’s also brought out supporters, and for that Clarendon Ballroom managers say they are extremely grateful.

Clarendon Ballroom spokesperson says they are still getting threats and due to safety concerns they didn’t want to go on camera.
Arlington County Police say they are investigating these threats but right now none are credible.

The Citizens for Trump organization says this has actually been good for their party in the end – ticket sales have doubled. They say a new location for the party will be announced soon.


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