Must see: Oh Holy Night on Metro Platform

Stuck on a Metro platform is usually the last place the holiday spirit will hit you, but that’s exactly what happened in Union Station.

Tymara Walker was visiting DC from Las Vegas, when the Metro just stopped. “One track was down and everything was going in one direction,” says Walker. But instead of groaning like most Washingtonians would, Walker stood up and started to sing. “I just kept my cool, took my daughter and told her to grab my phone. I just feel like singing!”  About forty people stood in awe, just listening to her voice as she belted, “Oh Holy Night.”

For Tymara, it wasn’t about the location or the incredible attention; the video now has more than 300,000 views on one Facebook page. “I really didn’t expect this, I was just singing my favorite Christmas carol,” she says.

It was, however, about how she felt in that very moment, the overwhelming feeling she had to sing. It’s a feeling she didn’t always have. “This is a great Christmas for me because I’ve been through a lot,” says Walker.

Tymara was a victim of domestic abuse for five years, when she finally left her husband, she and her two children were homeless. Now, she’s a survivor, with a husband who she calls ‘her hero,’ and a gig in Las Vegas singing in a Cirque de Soleil show. Tymara has a lot to sing about. “People are asking me, ‘why did you sing?'” says Tymara. “When I stop and think about the things that could happen to you but God blocked it because your destiny didn’t end there, I would sing anywhere. I am just happy to be alive.”

It’s clear the world needed to hear this song as much as Tymara needed to sing it. “When I started singing and I saw the people watching me it became just as fun for me because I can guarantee at this moment they are not thinking about all this crap that we are going through.”

If you hear voices in the background of the video, that’s Tymara’s mother and daughter, who joined the song.

The full video is available here: Here’s a link to the video: [youtub=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQtUuHvzbX0&feature=youtu.be]

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