Christmas decorations stolen from Maryland business…again

Another case of someone taking something that didn’t belong to them – this time, it was the Christmas decorations outside a Hagerstown business, and it was all caught on camera.

In one block of South Locust Street in Downtown Hagerstown, there aren’t many Christmas decorations, except at Burkett’s Deli. “Merry Christmas,” says Charlie Burkett to one customer.

Burkett owns the deli which has been open in that location for 7 years. Outside, there are big red bows and signs about Christmas specials, and, up until December 17th, a big inflatable snowman and penguin. That is, until someone stole it.

“She gets out and just comes over, scoops it up and walks off and shoves it into her car,” Burkett says. He watched the theft thanks to his surveillance cameras he set up outside his deli. Burkett says he was heartbroken to see the woman stealing his decorations. “I don’t know how someone can do something like that, take it home, use it, and look at it every day with a good conscious,” he says.


This isn’t even the first time someone has targeted his business. Two years ago, someone broke into the basement and stole the indoor decorations. Believe it or not, Burkett is not angry. “I believe there is good in everyone, we all make bad choices in life.” Burkett isn’t even filing a police report, but he does hope the culprit will return his decorations, because he won’t be replacing them. “It is an expense,” he says. “Things are tough right now. They’re tough for everyone and especially small businesses.”

Still, there is nothing humbug about Burkett’s: It turns out, the decorations outside the deli don’t matter, because like most things, it’s what’s inside that counts. “Jesus is the reason for the season, I believe that more than anything and that comes first,” he says. The Christmas spirit is alive and well inside Burkett’s Deli.

Burkett says if someone comes forward with his decorations, he won’t file charges. “I don’t want anyone to get into serious trouble.”

If you recognize the person in the video, Burkett’s Deli.


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