Beauty blog: The new nail technique

Pink_White_kit_2.pngI am a life-long nail-biter, cuticle-biter, destroyer of manicures. First of all, I can’t grow nails to save my life, and if they get a little length, they’re weak and break within a day.

I first fell in love with gel nails,  and aside from staying put for 2 weeks, I couldn’t justify them. I hated what they did to my nails, and also didn’t care for the UV light.

So just when I had given up on manicures – my pedicurist told me about SNS nails. 

It’s a dipping system – no light, no drill. The manicurist paints your nail with a clear liquid, then dips it into a colored powder, repeat, repeat, and done. It sets quickly and it’s sturdy. My nails grow like weeds under the powder-turned-nail color, and last for 3 weeks. The SNS powder is vitamin-enriched and won’t damage your nails – or hands – like the gel system.

It’s fairly new, so if your current salon doesn’t offer it -keep looking.


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