Rival high schools unite to help student fighting cancer

Two rival high school basketball teams came together to be on the same team. It was all for Austin Cohen, a 16-year-old student fighting for his life, battling a rare form of cancer.

Cohen couldn’t attend the game because he was home resting, but his friends, family, and many strangers came out in full

This wasn’t your average high school basketball game. For one, the teams and the fans wore the same colors. Then there were the yellow capes.

“We thank you so much for your time your efforts, your love, and your desire to be a part of something bigger than yourselves if even for a day,” said Austin’s father Scott Cohen.

“All the money in the world would be nice,” he added. “But it’s not the most valuable thing.”
The focus wasn’t on the score or even who won. It was about the one thing of which we can never get enough.

“The most valuable thing is time,” Scott said.

Especially, when it’s time spent with Austin.

“Let’s just say I started bawling as soon as I walked in,” said Austin’s mother, Miriam.

Miriam and Scott attended the game Friday night without their son, but he was all everyone could talk about.

“He’s an amazing person,” said Austin’s best friend, Delaney Czworka. “I love being his best friend.”

The organizer of the event, Mac Kennedy, said, “You just say, ‘What can I do to help him?'”
Austin was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called osteosarcoma 3 years ago.

“He’s going through radiation therapy to slow the growth, but the outlook isn’t good,” Scott said.

The goal here is to raise money for a special conference dedicated to researching this kind of cancer.

“Hope for the future,” he said. “It’s not going to help Austin but it will hopefully help other people.”

Austin’s parents have learned a lot since their son’s diagnosis, some of which, they wish they never had.

“The two minutes I’ve spent talking, we can’t get that time back,” Scott said. “So the goal in life must be to have fun. Be smart.”
But the one lesson they are thankful for came from Austin.

“Enjoy the time you have, because at some point in your life, there’s going to come a time when you wish you had more time,” Scott said.

“What matters is if you have fun and you cherish every moment,” Miriam added. “You just enjoy.”

Austin’s parents are trying to raise money to bring doctors and fund research for the Osteosarcoma Alliance Conference in Florida. The event raised has raised $5,500 which will be donated to the Austin Cohen Research Fund.

For more information about the Osteosarcoma Alliance FACTOR Conference, click here. To donate to Austin’s family, click here.


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