Instagram account highlights beauty of DC 

 Although much of social media is flooded with selfies and sometimes loathsome behavior, one D.C.-based social media account in particular is not.”We the People of DC” is an Instagram account started by people who wanted to showcase just how beautiful D.C. is.

Now, the account has nearly 30,000 followers and hundreds of contributors.

Here’s how it works: Each day a new person gets to post pictures to the page.

Monday, D.C. resident Amy Kocur was the photographer of the day for the Instagram account. During a 24-hour period, she captured and posted D.C. as she saw it, roaming around the city taking pictures of what she found beautiful.

The next day, someone else will take over.

“There aren’t that many rules, it’s just about showing your side, it can be controversial or it can just be your brunch plate,” said Andrea Fellows, one of the administrators of the account.

The account aims to show that D.C. isn’t just about who you know on the Hill.

“I think I was in the same boat when I moved here,” said Fellows. “But this city really has so much beauty in it. I think for us we really want to make sure people see that.”

Every day is different, from food and coffee to monuments and buildings, dogs and people and skies and neighborhoods. The point is, whatever you find worthy or beautiful or important, you share.

“Just open your eyes, this is a city that has a lot to offer,” said Kocur. “All of these circles are intersections of humanity of the city, it is a beautiful city.”

If you would like to hold the Instagram handle for the day, click here to sign up.

There is about an 11-month wait list.

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