The art of the coffee table book

There is an art to the coffee table book, it has to be pretty, substantial and flip-worthy. Your average book should not be on display in your living room. I’ve found that gathering a collection of coffee table books takes time and a wide range of interests. It’s not just about you! Here’s my list of favorite picks for the coffee table.

  1. Post Secret: “The most trusted stranger in America:” Frank Warren of Post Secret. Your deepest, darkest secrets? Yeah, people write those down on post cards and send them to Frank. He made a book out of ’em. Interesting, sad, beautiful.

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     2. The President’s Neighborhood: Who doesn’t want to flip through our Commander in Chief’s hood?

3. The Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel book: Wanderlust? Check.

4. All in Good Taste: This pretty-in-pink book already has the wine glass stain built-in. And as the title suggests, it’s all in good taste, as curated by Kate Spade. Think all things pretty.

5. Garden & Gun’s The Southerner’s Handbook: Well I do declare – this is basically us southerner’s bible. Keep it handy, y’all.

6. Andrew Wyeth: Looking Out, Looking In: So I got this book when I covered the Andrew Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. I met the grandson of Wyeth as he was visiting his grandfather’s exhibit for the first time. The coffee table isn’t complete without some art – this serves that purpose for me because there’s a story to go with it. And, the book is gorgeous.

7.Degas-Cassatt exhibition book: The same goes for this book. While covering the Degas-Cassat exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, I snagged one of the catalogues. Degas pieces are always beautiful, and make great coffee-table displays.

8. The Legend: The Johnny Cash Story. No explanation needed – Johnny Cash make yourself at home, please.

9. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: The Official 50th Anniversary Companion. The movie is a favorite of most women. Audrey is our idol. This book is a staple.

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