Oh hey, Nashville

\\\Just about a month into my new city and I feel like I have so many ideas for blog posts already! I’ll get to those soon, but here’s a quick update on how things are going.

I’m anchoring the weekend morning show at WKRN-ABC Channel 2 and reporting during the week. I am loving my new city and my new coworkers. Although I still get lost and have to use my GPS often, I don’t feel like a stranger to Nashville. It’s like I already belong. (Anchoring with my best friend certainly helps:)


The obvious reason for that, is because I’m a native Tennessean. This is home. This is why I came back to this great state. But it’s so much more than that, it’s this city.

You’ve probably heard a lot about what a cool city Nashville is. And it’s true – this place is on fire right now. It’s the ‘it’ city in so many ways: It’s growing so much (roughly 100 people moving here EACH DAY), evidence in WKRN’s series Nashville 2017 where we examine the historic growth we are seeing. (More on that here) 

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There are so many reasons people are moving here, there’s no state income tax (yahoo!), the weather is great—-we get all four seasons and little snow. It’s a gorgeous city, with a growing skyline and cityscape and our rolling Tennessee hills. The cost of living is attractive to many, and we are apparently a foodie town now. Restaurants are popping up everywhere. Oh, and have you heard about hot chicken? Yeah, get on that. Then there’s the music. Street corners are lined with musicians trying to catch a break, Tootsie’s and other Broadway bars are always filled with bands and artists. There are also big-timers like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw who call this place home. Oh and Carrie Underwood sings the National Anthem at the Predators game. NBD. And speaking of the Preds, hello playoff hockey! Also, I’m back in Vol country where people totally get my Rocky Top fever!

Also, I said y’all on air the other day. Totally normal. IMG_4927

But the reason this place feels like home already, and the reason I’m already in love with Nashville, is quite simple: It’s the people. I was quickly reminded of that the first day of moving here. It’s the way people say hi as they’re passing on the street or even make eye contact and smile. It’s the way the cashier at the store asks how I am doing and actually really wants to know. It’s the “Welcome to town, we are so happy you’re here,” I get when I tell people I’m new. It’s the viewers who welcome me and say how excited they are to have me on channel 2. It’s heartwarming.

It’s that genuine Tennessee charm. I am so happy to be back home.


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