5 years, 5 marathons

So I got to cover the Nashville Marathon – or the St Jude’s Rock and Rock Music City Marathon – and yes, I was inspired. Inspired to run 26.2 miles? hmmm…I don’t know about that. But I think I could maybe get down with a half marathon. I’ll get back to that. In the meantime – runners – leave me some tips in the comments on how you stay motivated.

Moving on… before the marathon – I got to interview an insanely talented runner. He’s motivated, yes, but when you get down to it, Scott Wietecha is just downright fast. He’s won the Nashville marathon 4 times in the last 4 years. 2017 will be his 5th attempt.

1 marathon is an accomplishment in itself—winning it? That’s huge. OK but how about winning FOUR marathons in a row? NBD for Scott.

For the 5th year in a row, Scott Wietecha will take off at the St. Jude Rock and Rock Marathon. His story is one my station has told before, a Hendersonville teacher who just happens to be a really, really good runner. “I’m just in the zone, watching my pace and just trying to stay as smooth as possible,” says Wietecha. “It’s like I go into robot mode I’m so focused.”

He’s got it down to a science now, first with his training: “I run about 100 miles a week with one or two hard workouts,” he says. His race day meals are usually the same, too. “I always say I have an iron stomach, my cliché meal is Pop-Tarts.”

His fans are never wavering. “My wife and my kids encourage me, the high school kids I run with and I have a kids running group, they all keep me motivated,” says Wietecha.

In the end, he’s the first one across the finish line, four years in a row. Winning the St. Jude Rock and Rock Marathon is just something Scott Witecha does. But this year, it almost didn’t happen at all. “In January, I was pretty much done with running, I had a bike and I was just riding around on that a few days a week.” His running shoes were in the closet, that is until he started coaching some high school students. “So I started running with them because I didn’t want to get dropped by some kids. So once I started running with them the bug kind of bit me a little bit! I slowly got back into it,” says Wietecha. “But if the high school kids hadn’t called me back I wouldn’t be here now.”

Now that Scott is here and is training, he’s back in the groove, with the same goal he always has: “Oh it’s definitely to win,” he says.

For Wietecha, finding the motivation to run is the easy part. “The Nashville marathon is one I run for family and the community and my school kids and teachers. It’s not always the most important race on my training schedule but it’s the race I look forward to the most, it gives me a chance to represent Sumner County.”

Win or lose, at the end of the day Saturday, Wietecha will have 5 Nashville marathons under his belt. So will the 5th one be his last? “I think I’ve said that every year the last 4 years. We will see, though,” he says. “I thought I was done this year in January. I also think it would be cool to win 10 and if I win 10 I will be 40-years-old as well. And if a 40-year-old wins a race you can talk a lot of trash.”


************UPDATE**************SCOTT WON! CONGRATS!


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