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Wedding Wednesday

One of the reasons I decided to start this blog – is because I am always getting asked advice for random things – one of them about my wedding.
Yes, obviously it was perfect in my eyes and it was the best day (ever), but it was not without stress leading up to the big day.

So, I’m going to break down my wedding day into a few posts that I think may help you as a future bride, planner, guest, bridesmaid or even a husband-to-be.

  1. The preparation. OK so you’re engaged – you’re excited — but almost immediately overwhelmed. My best advice here? Work on a budget. Because before you can get too pumped up about that massive centerpiece you want – figure out how much you have to spend. Think you know what a wedding will cost? Maybe. But chances are you are seriously underestimating the price tag. Basically triple whatever you think that floral arrangement will run you.
  2. Decide what’s important to you. For me – it was my guests having a good time and my dress. The tried-and-true must-haves at weddings, for me at least, include: Food, booze and music. For the most part, that’s what your guests will remember. BUT – if that’s not what you want to focus on – don’t. This is literally one of the only times in your life you can be SUPER selfish. It’s your wedding day, not your aunt or cousin-in-law’s. For example, one of my best friends asked me for advice on saving money. I told her my little trick about centerpieces (more on that later), and she could not disagree more. To her, lots and lots of flowers were important. Her dress wasn’t as big of a deal…so, she splurged on her floral budget while I skimped. Find what matters to YOU.
  3. Now, just like moving into a new home, you don’t decorate every room at once. Take your wedding in the same stride – step by step. Day by day. Tackle one problem at a time. First thing is first – WHERE will you have it? After that, things start to fall into place.
  4. I’ll start digging into more of this in future posts – but my best advice to you, beautiful bride, is to not sweat the small stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I got lost on Pinterest, hell-bent on a project that I just had to implement… It caused me so many sleepless nights. In the end, it worked out—but guess what—very few people noticed. Except for me. So, don’t let all those Pinterest projects get to you, unless (see point #2) this is what REALLY matters to you.

There’s my quick #WeddingWednesday introduction. More to come… for now, here’s a throwback of my awesome day. nikkijustin0527-3672160726-O.jpg

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