Swaddle me, baby

So many babies. My friends are all having beautiful little boys and girls — and I need to find them gifts. Some parents register for stuff they need – others don’t and insist they need nothing… but come on, when your friend brings a life into this world – you need to honor that with a gift. Lately I’ve been looking for something quirky – something that is sweet and precious enough for a little one, but still says “aw, that’s so unique!”

Here’s my latest find — Dolly Llama! The name is adorable, obviously, but so are the products. 100% organic cotton swaddles – with gorgeous prints and quirky quotes.
For my California friend – the desert swaddle – “my life would ‘succ’ without you.” so.cute. cactus_crop_1024x1024.jpg

And of course, for my Big Orange Tennessee friends, I found this sweet swaddle: “I could just squeeze you I love you so!” orange_crop_1024x1024.jpg

What I also love about these – at $34 a piece, they’re not too expensive. And, after their swaddling days are over – they make adorable throws or wall hangings!

Shop more Dolly Llama here. 

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