Workin’ on my fitness

@DleeBeckett_FitMa on Insta!

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on all things lifestyle related—but here’s the thing, I’m not an expert in all things that make up a lifestyle. But I do have some incredible women in my life who are experts in certain fields… Fitness, for example, falls under Danielle Beckett’s expertise. This woman is a certified badass. Just look at her…

Yeah, those abs are real, my friends. And yes she really is that gorgeous in person. And guess what? She has a little one. So, when I decided to include fitness in this blog – I knew her valuable info was a must for my readers.


unnamed-11The picture above is her at peak fitness – she was getting ready for a fitness competition and was super dedicated, as you can see. Her posts for this blog will be for us average babes.

She’s be guest blogging for fitness, food-prep, work-outs, cooking, and how she manages to juggle it all (and succeed).

I first reached out to Danielle about food. I have a terrible relationship with food. For starters, I have the palette of a 2-year-old. Give me a grilled cheese and I’m the happiest clam in clam town.
Fancy food? Nah, I’m good. Meat? I’d rather not. But I know eating bread and cheese and no protein will not help me look or feel my best. On top of that, I am a terrible cook. And lazy in the kitchen. And what does that all add up to? A less-than-healthy diet.
I’ve talked to a few of my other friends about this problem, they aren’t all grilled cheese enthusiasts like me, but they are less-than-thrilled about not only eating meat, but touching it when it’s raw. I realize this is weird to some of you, but thankfully, I’m not alone.
Here’s another meat-problem I’ve faced…Even if someone else grills it for me and saves it for the week it doesn’t get eaten. Why? Microwaved meat, especially chicken, tastes funny to me. In fact it tastes downright gross and I just can’t eat it.
Danielle, being the sweetheart she is, is helping me come up with food I can actually cook, with or without meat.
To start, here’s her favorite recipe this month: A Chili cauliflower rice
Look for Danielle’s next post — her JUNE diet and workout plan! Then in July, she will write about her beach prep workout AND meal plan! She’s going to track her progress and post pics.
In the meantime, follow her pics, progress and inspo on her Instagram page HERE. 

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