This is leadership

I’m pretty lucky that I have such incredible leaders in my life to look up to, both of my parents are shining examples of what I want to be when I grow up. (And now, I’m not grown-up yet. Still working on that OK?)

Of course in their work accomplishments, their marriage, their love for me and my sisters, but also in their every day life. This small stuff that most people don’t notice.

I called my dad last weekend on my way home from work. While most people are out running errands, gardening, sunbathing, etc, my dad was picking up trash on the streets of my hometown of Kingsport, TN. No, he’s not the garbage man. Nor did he have community service hours to complete. He’s actually a CEO. But on this Saturday morning, he wasn’t in a board room or speaking to a crowded room, he was picking up trash people left behind from an event the night before.

When my dad told me that, I laughed and said, but why? His response, was that there was trash that needed to be picked up, and the person who usually did it was on vacation. So instead of letting the trash pile up, or to call someone else to the dirty work, my dad grabbed a trash bag and got to work.

That’s the mark of a leader. No, it’s not his job, but he did it anyway.
And by the way, this isn’t unusual for my dad. Almost every day on his lunch break outside of his office you’ll see my dad walking around picking up old cigarette butts and throwing them in the trash. Why? Because it needed to be done, and he’s perfectly capable.


As my dad was telling me this, I told him to take a selfie and send it to me. I knew this was something worth writing about! And by the way, a friend of his stopped by to help. See how that works?

Thank you, dad, for doing the grunt work and showing us all what it really means to lead.



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