So here’s the deal, I write almost every single day, but it’s not always on the creative side. You see, I’m a news anchor and reporter, and my day-to-day life consists of writing about what’s newsworthy and happening in the city.

Sometimes, things I find interesting aren’t always newsworthy…but they are blog-worthy. So I started this blog to highlight, simply, things I love. From charities I support, fashion, favorite places, products and unique finds, my travels and adventures, and my work. If it tickles my fancy, you’ll find it here. And yes, sometimes the news…but I will take it a step further – the story behind the story; what didn’t make the news.

I’m a television journalist in Nashville, TN. I’ve also done the same thing in Washington, DC, Lexington, Ky and Hagerstown, Md.

Blog posts are my opinion, and my opinion alone.

More about me: www.nikkiburdine.com or on my Facebook page here.

1 thought on “About”

  1. I love your facebook post 04/05 August 2014! I share many interests in causes you advocate-pleasure to have been blessed reading your facebook post and blog today!
    john moyers

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