Juice, juice baby

A new year, new resolutions... and juicing is at the top of my list. The "Omega" juicer is the latest addition to my kitchen, and it's now a staple. I'm still learning what works with what --- but I've created a few recipes that are healthy and yummy (despite being green in color). Here's my [...]


I'm a coffee junkie...Mostly for the delicious taste, but also for the jolt it gives me in the midst of my undoubtedly busy day! However I'm always looking for another way to get an energy boost, especially if there's no Starbucks near me. Thanks to Giuliana Rancic's FabFitFun, I'm newly obsessed with EBoost! It's an [...]

Thank You, FFF for the Pumpkin Spice Latte Intervention!

It's Fall, which means I can't get enough of those pumpkin spice lattes. But those empty calories kkkkiiilllll me. Thanks to Fab Fit Fun, I have a solution. I just had to share it with you! Check out FFF's not-so-sinful pumpkin spice treats! ... Especially the pumpkin mousse! Pumpkin Mousse: Major taste, minor cals and fat. [...]

Fab Find

I have a new favorite place in Lexington: Table 310. Located downtown on West Short Street, this little spot is glorious. I adore the cozy setting with floor-to-ceiling windows, in the midst of downtown life. The food menu isn't very big, but what they do have, they do well. My favorite Table 310 go-to: A [...]

Orange Leaf!

I'm a frozen yogurt freak. I love it. It's yummy. So I was absolutely thrilled to hear about the snazzy froyo place in Lexington, Orange Leaf! This place has it all---the self-serve frozen yogurt, the toppings bar and the adorably decorated pad. LEX 18'ers started a new tradition Saturday night, after the 6:00 show, we [...]


It just sounds cute! And yummy...And if it comes from Starbucks, you know it is. Today at Starbucks, their mini-cupcakes-on-a-stick,  peanut butter minis, lemon sweet squares,tiramisu cake pop, and more... will be given away for free, between the hours of 2-5 p.m. until March 12th...The only thing you have to do is buy a drink...and [...]