Wedding Wednesday: Showers

I've been on both sides of bridal showers - my bridesmaids threw me the most gorgeous bridal shower that was truly IG-worthy, and I've also helped throw showers for my bridal bestie. This post is just to serve as some inspiration for your bridal shower - because my fabulous maids went above and beyond -… Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Showers


Wedding Wednesday: Planning

As I've mentioned before, I am not a planner. I have the best of intentions, I get all the adorable Erin Condren planners and Maybooks, write things out, but then ultimately get distracted by another project and never finish what I set out to do (#GeminiProblems.) If you are blessed in the focus department (help… Continue reading Wedding Wednesday: Planning


Remember the Fallen

Honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice - that's what Memorial Day is *really* all about. And today, my station is airing a day-long tribute to some of those heroes from Middle Tennessee. My assignment was to find a member of the military who died overseas...not hard to do, unfortunately. During my research, I spent… Continue reading Remember the Fallen