Workin’ on my fitness

When I started this blog, I wanted to focus on all things lifestyle related---but here's the thing, I'm not an expert in all things that make up a lifestyle. But I do have some incredible women in my life who are experts in certain fields... Fitness, for example, falls under Danielle Beckett's expertise. This woman… Continue reading Workin’ on my fitness


Smashville and Music City Collide

So I picked a good time to move to Nashville, didn't I? The Cinderella story-Predators made history in Music City, and even though the Penguins (ugh) came out on top, what an incredible experience! PICS above from the playoffs! Hundreds of thousands of people flooded Nashville for hockey and CMA Fest. It was hard to… Continue reading Smashville and Music City Collide

nash newbie

Newbie in Nash: White’s Mercantile

One of the things I loved most about living in DC was the walkability of the shops, restaurants, shops, no matter what neighborhood I was in - there would be something to explore. Moving to a smaller city like Nashville, I thought I would miss that. I was SO wrong. Let's take 12 South… Continue reading Newbie in Nash: White’s Mercantile